Portrait of Thomas Yung

unicorn I am a Senior UX Designer, Researcher, and Front End Developer (AKA Unicorn) currently working at Mayo Clinic.

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I care deeply about others which is why I switched to UX as a career. I advocate for better user experiences for all (inclusive design and web accessibility).

I am a valuable asset to digital product and design system teams because of my background in coding and user research. I am able to have discussions with developers to accurately understand feasibility and scope of work.

Why having a product designer who can code is beneficial

For the OCEAN Personality Test, my results are:

  • Openness (High)
  • Conscientiousness (High)
  • Extroversion (Medium)
  • Agreeableness (High)
  • Neuroticism (Medium)

I have the ability to adapt and be flexible. I am able to adjust course when new information comes in from user research that contradicts what I currently know to be true. I find this quality to be the most important characteristic of good leaders.

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Mayo Clinic UX/UI Designer/Developer 2014 - present
RCTC UI Designer/Developer 2010 - 2014
IBM UI Designer/Developer 2002 - 2009


RIT Masters in Human Computer Interaction 2017
IDEO Insights for Innovation Certification 2016
University of Phoenix Masters in Computer Information Systems 2006
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